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Our writers are on-the-ground experts that provide real life experiences, and guidance on how to craft a healthy and well-balanced morning routine. 

  • Mackenzie Heath

    Mackenzie Heath

    Mackenzie is a healthcare professional and works towards using technology to make meaningful improvements to people's health and wellness. When she’s not working, she’s traveling, or busy planning her next getaway. She loves finding those hidden gems and off-the-beaten-track locations while traveling. She knows how important it is to make wellness part of your everyday morning routine.

  • Iain Graham

    Iain Graham


    Iain Graham is an avid traveler and wellness fanatic. Born in Canada, Iain lived in Southern & Eastern Africa for 15 years as a child before moving back to Canada in 2006 and settling in Toronto. He caught the travel bug early on and has now traveled to nearly 50 countries. Iain is dedicated to discovering and guiding other people towards crafting the best morning routine possible.
  • Ben Dankiw

    Ben Dankiw


    Ben is an entrepreneur at heart. He runs businesses across North America, Central America, and Africa and amongst travel and work lives a busy lifestyle. As a digital nomad working across the globe, he knows how important it is to maintain a healthy well-balanced morning routine. Throughout his journey he started taking a keen interest in his morning routine and is helping build a community of equally passionate morning enthusiast to learn, support, and grow together.

  • Chad Allard

    Chad Allard


    Chad is a versatile writer, editor, content creator, brand specialist, and devoted father living in Southern Ontario. In addition to copywriting for dozens of businesses and brands, Chad is also a novelist who publishes books under the pen name G.J. Allard.
  • Hailey Parliament

    Hailey Parliament

    Hailey is passionate about wellness, health and being mindful about soaking up every moment. Whether you find her writing, hiking, camping or planning her next adventure – you can be sure she’s keeping personal and ecological wellness at the centre of all that she does. 
  • Bennie Hermanus

    Bennie Hermanus

    Bennie, a travel and wellness writer, seamlessly combines his health and wellness background with a passion for exploration. Through evocative storytelling, he reveals the transformative power of travel on mind, body, and soul, inspiring readers to embark on wellness journeys.

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