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Morning Ritual to Lost Weight

10-Minute Morning Ritual to Lose Weight

Making positive changes to your morning habits doesn’t require tons of time or energy. Try these tips for the best 10-minute morning ritual to lose weight. 

It Only Takes 10 Minutes to Start Improving Your Health

Mornings are often very busy. Unfortunately, because we have limited time available in the mornings before we have to start the rest of our day, it’s really easy to find excuses to avoid doing the kinds of things we know we should be doing.

Whether it’s starting the day with a healthy breakfast routine or attempting a 21-day detox, it can start to become overwhelming very quickly when trying to fit all our healthy habits into a single schedule.

Compartmentalizing these morning habits into three areas can help make them more achievable:

  • Exercise
  • Proper diet
  • Mindfulness

Adding all three into the mix at once can feel like too much – but it doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to devote mass amounts of time and energy to do these things in the early days. In fact, you only need 10 minutes to start making a difference in your health.

On this page, we’re going to talk about our top 7 tips for starting a 10-minute morning ritual to lose weight, which won’t usurp the rest of your morning regimens.

However, before we jump into our suggestions, let’s talk about the benefits of a 10-minute morning ritual to lose weight, how to plan for starting one, and some tricks you can use to stay consistent with it.


The Benefits of a 10-Minute Morning Ritual to Lose Weight

There are plenty of benefits to adding fitness to your morning schedule, some of which you may not have even considered before.

For instance, doing a 10-minute morning ritual to lose weight will come with fewer distractions than trying to do one near the end of the day.

You’ll be able to avoid having to exercise during the hottest hours of the day (a major benefit during the summer months), and you’ll have better focus throughout the day. It can even improve your mood since exercise (and the resulting endorphin release) is a natural treatment for stress.

man and woman doing exercise

Not just that, but early workouts are believed to be best for losing weight, according to this study performed in 2015. Through their research, they determined that fat oxidation increases when exercise is performed before you eat breakfast.

Despite all the other potential benefits, if weight loss is your number one goal, you should try to do your workouts in the morning.

In addition to exercise, establishing a proper diet is crucial to giving your body the right kind of fuel to keep you pumped up throughout the day, while also encouraging your metabolism to burn excess fat. This way, you can keep losing weight, even as you go about your normal work day.

Mindfulness may be the hardest benefit to quantify because it can look very different from one person to another, but that doesn’t make it any less impactful.

man and woman doing meditation

We’ll get to some suggestions for physical options you can use to increase mindfulness, but your biggest mental focus should be to reduce stress as you move into your daily schedule. Good physical health and strong mental health go hand-in-hand.


How to Plan for a 10-Minute Morning Ritual to Lose Weight

Planning ahead and a bit of preparation can make all the difference when it comes to finding success through your 10-minute morning ritual to lose weight.

Exercise and mindfulness both require at least a little bit of time to do properly, so it’s a good idea to give yourself more time than you’ll need to do your morning ritual.

You may only need to perform 6-8 minutes of exercise, but it’s extremely important to give yourself time to stretch before and cool down afterward. No one wants a pulled muscle or cramps in the morning – it sets a terrible tone for the rest of the day.

Mindfulness may not necessarily have specific steps you need to follow, depending on your preferences. However, giving yourself time to breathe, enjoy your breakfast, and not feel rushed can dramatically increase your mood while performing these healthy habits.

Eating the right kinds of breakfasts means purchasing the right kinds of ingredients and potentially meal planning ahead of time so that you can maximize both the quality and enjoyment of your food. Do yourself a favor and start making detailed grocery lists.


How to Stay Consistent with a 10-Minute Morning Ritual to Lose Weight

man and woman in the gym

Staying consistent with an exercise routine can be one of the most challenging issues facing any person that’s attempting a daily workout. There are a few things that you can try to keep yourself motivated to perform fitness at the start of the day:

  • Make a playlist of songs that really pump you up
  • Hang motivational posters in your workout space
  • Do guided routines where an instructor can help keep you motivated
  • Get a workout buddy that will do routines with you
  • Do exercise outside where you can enjoy the scenery and good weather

Staying consistent with a good diet can be just as difficult. We all crave unhealthy food options sometimes, and when you wake up tired or groggy, it’s easier to give in to those urges.

To help keep you on track, we’d suggest picking up a food journal. This will force you to track everything that you’re eating, as well as keep good and poor choices at the front of your mind.

Good choices are great for keeping yourself motivated. Bad food choices can be too since we all want a ‘cheat day’ once in a while. Seeing those choices and their frequency on paper can be a good reminder not to take too many liberties too often with your diet.

Staying consistent with mindfulness means putting yourself first at the start of the day. Even if you have other responsibilities (i.e., pets, children, etc.), that doesn’t mean that you should make yourself an afterthought.

Forcing time for self-care and positive thinking will put you in the best possible headspace, which will make dealing with other challenges throughout the day much more manageable.


7 Tips for the Ideal 10-Minute Morning Ritual to Lose Weight:

1.) Stretch Before You Do Anything Else

man and woman stretching

Regardless of what the rest of your 10-minute morning ritual to lose weight might look like, it’s a smart idea to do some stretches as soon as you get up in the morning.

This will help you wake up, help promote better blood flow, and it can even relieve pain or tension that you might be experiencing from the previous night’s sleep.

If you’re going to do some exercises before breakfast, this is a great way to limber up and prevent pulled muscles or strains. It’s also a wonderful way to make time for mindfulness, while you’re doing something good for your body.

Stretches are almost always a low-impact exercise, which gives you plenty of time to put yourself in the right mental state and start preparing to face whatever else you’ve got in your schedule for the day.


2.) Eat a Protein-Heavy Breakfast

A woman carrying a protein rich breakfast

If you’ve been eating well in the mornings, doing your best to get some exercise, and you’re still not seeing the weight coming off, it could be time to think about how much protein you’re giving your body at breakfast.

Eating a high-protein breakfast actually does a lot of helpful things for your body:

  • Helps regulate hormones that cause hunger
  • Increases muscle mass
  • Improve glucose regulation
  • Increases calories burned throughout the day
  • Decreases the urge to snack before bed

All of these elements function together to improve your overall dietary health and encourage weight loss. So, consider skipping the bagel and having some eggs instead.

And even when it’s not a protein-driven meal – DON’T SKIP BREAKFAST. Many studies have shown that skipping breakfast actually encourages weight gain and binge eating habits.


3.) Go for a Short Jog

This is one form of exercise that doesn’t require you to live in a certain kind of home, have a lot of excess space for workouts, or necessitate the use of any exercise equipment that can be expensive to purchase and frustrating to store between uses.

Jogging (or speed-walking, if you’re not inclined to jog) is a great way to build a bit of cardio into your 10-minute morning ritual to lose weight that you can do anywhere, anytime.

Take a jog around the block. Rural areas have lots of little forests to jog through (careful not to trip on branches). Jog through the streets of your subdivision, or just jog laps around a parking lot. It doesn’t matter where you choose to jog, it just matters that you’re exercising.

In turn, this can get your blood pumping, improve your energy levels, and increase your appetite for a healthy breakfast.


4.) Do Some Calisthenics

group of people doing push ups

Another form of easy exercise that you can do either in your home or outside in the good weather is some basic calisthenics:

  • Jumping jacks
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Knee lifts
  • Burpees

These are all fantastic, easy-to-adapt exercises that most people can do. They’re largely low-impact (or as low-impact as you need them to be, since it’s self-regulated). Plus, they work a variety of muscle groups across your whole body.

It only takes a few minutes of time to do some of these exercises, and you’ll be surprised by the benefits you’ll start to notice by adding a few minutes of calisthenics into your 10-minute morning ritual to lose weight.


5.) Stay Hydrated

If you’ve been attempting the best skin care routines as well as a 10-minute morning ritual to lose weight, you’ll already know how important hydration is.

Just like our skin, the rest of our organs require hydration to stay healthy and function at peak efficiency. This means you need at least a full glass of water each morning.

When we are dehydrated, our metabolism can’t function properly either, which is counterproductive if you’re making these extra efforts to try and lose weight.

BONUS TIP: If you’re feeling particularly ravenous in the morning before breakfast, consider having a large glass of cold water before you start eating. It will help fill up your stomach, make you feel full faster, and aid you in avoiding the urge to overeat.


6.) Plan for Healthy Lunches

A women eating a healthy lunch

Eating a healthy breakfast is great, but if you’re going to make terrible dietary choices for lunch, you’ll be undoing all the hard work you’ve done to set yourself up for success in the morning.

Stop eating out all the time. It might not be a fun thing to hear, but many of us (especially those of us still working from office spaces), can find it too easy to run out and grab a sandwich, burger, or slice of pizza from the restaurant around the corner.

Instead, pack yourself a healthy lunch that you can bring with you into the office each day. Keep healthy, non-refrigerated snacks in the car for your commute to/from work.

A bit of preparation and effort to encourage healthy eating choices at every meal, not just breakfast, is key to achieving weight loss goals.


7.) Try Tai Chi, Yoga, or Meditation

Remember how we said it’s hard to quantify mindfulness in physical activities? Well, tai chi, yoga, and meditation are three ways that you can actively plan for mindfulness each morning.

Not only are tai chi and yoga forms of low-impact exercise, but each of these is designed to make you focus on your mental health for at least a few minutes before diving into the day.

group of people doing tai chi

Focus on your breathing. Clear your mind of stressors and focus entirely on the tasks at hand. You might be surprised by how refreshing it can feel once you finish one of these three activities.

Best of all, the mindfulness you gain from these options will put you in a much more positive headspace to tackle whatever challenges are awaiting you throughout the day.


You Don’t Have to Restructure Your Whole Day to Start Making Health Improvements

A Little Bit Goes a Long Way When It Comes to Building Better Habits


As you can see, you don’t have to take hours of time and tons of energy to start making improvements to your morning habits and encourage better weight loss gains.

Remind yourself that you’re in charge of your health and your happiness. Take small steps to move towards a 10-minute morning ritual to lose weight that works best for you.

When you find a routine that works best for you, you’ll be ready to own your mornings and rule your days – no matter what life might throw your way.