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Finding Your Perfect 21-Day Morning Detox Routine

Own your mornings with a detox routine that supports both your physical and mental health. Little changes can have a huge positive impact on your day.

Own Your Mornings by Setting Your Body Up for Success

“Your body is a temple.”

The old paraphrased expression comes to mind when we talk about things like morning detox routines. Every culture in the world has some subset of beliefs that are tantamount to the same idea – we have to take care of our bodies.

Drink Lemon Water and Detox your Life

Without maintenance and health-minded habits, your body will start to have problems. One way that we can help minimize these issues is through healthy detoxing habits.

You could start a regular morning detox routine, or perhaps you’d like to try it out first and plan for a 21-day morning detox routine. There are no wrong answers, you have to do what’s best for yourself and your schedule.

So, to help you take the first steps towards owning this part of your mornings, let’s talk about morning detox routines and why they matter.

What is a Morning Detox Routine?

This is a hard thing to actually quantify since a morning detox routine for one person might look dramatically different from another.

These could be small changes, like making more of an effort to stay well-hydrated. Or they could be bigger changes, like removing certain foods from your breakfast menu to improve your morning dietary health.

Encourage better digestion and absorption of nutrients

Every form of morning detox routine (21-day or otherwise), is designed to encourage better digestion and absorption of nutrients, as well as support our livers to expel toxins in a healthy way.

As long as the things you’re doing are designed to support those types of detoxing, you’re on the right track.

Why is a Morning Detox Routine Important?

There are plenty of great benefits to trying out a 21-day morning detox routine, such as:

Long-term value of detoxing

  • Improved blood health
  • Better nutrient absorption
  • Increased metabolism to burn excess fat
  • Better circulation
  • Improved toxin removal by your liver
  • Better toxin removal through urine, feces, and sweat

While studies are still being done to create hard evidence for the long-term value of detoxing, many detox enthusiasts will attest that it’s just a matter of time before we see these theories becoming facts – since they’re already seeing the benefits of detoxing in their lives.

How to Stay Consistent with a 21-Day Morning Detox Routine

The only way that you can stay consistent with something like a 21-day morning detox routine is to plan for it. As with many healthy habits in our lives, preparation is the key to our success.

Stay Consistent with a 21-Day Morning Detox

Set alarms earlier in the morning, so that you have time to prepare a healthy breakfast and enjoy it.

Set out the things that you need for your morning detox routine before you go to bed so that you can’t forget them.

If you’re going to make dietary changes, make sure you’re shopping appropriately. You can’t eat healthy if you don’t have healthy ingredients at home.

Healthy morning detox routine

All these things will help set you up for success and stay consistent with your routine, but at the end of the day, it’s up to you to have the willpower to follow through on your regimen every morning.

3 Valuable Tips for Your 21-Day Morning Detox Routine:

1.) Drink Lemon Water with Breakfast

No, we’re not trying to simulate a restaurant atmosphere (although that is a nice self-care idea). Lemon water can be a surprisingly easy and effective part of your breakfast routine, because of its weight loss and health benefits.

Healthy detoxing habits.

For those looking to improve their morning intake of Vitamin C, as well as increase their metabolism, lemons can do it all – without any of the fat, sugars, or carbohydrates that come with so many other breakfast items.

Best of all, it’s incredibly refreshing!

2.) Spend at Least 15 Minutes Outside

Surprised that our second tip isn’t something to consume? You shouldn’t be, because your body will drink up some valuable Vitamin D, as long as you give yourself a few minutes to sit and bask in the sun.

Even if it isn’t that sunny, enjoying a fresh, cool breeze is the perfect way to stop and force yourself to breathe for a few minutes before jumping into the day’s tasks.

Spend at Least 15 Minutes OutsidE

A bit of self-care time goes a long way, especially when you do it every morning. In the same way, we work towards detoxifying our bodies, we can also strive to detoxify our minds.

In turn, this can positively influence your overall mental health throughout the day.

3.) Try Tea Instead of Coffee

While many of us enjoy our morning coffee routine, there are actually better options for your morning detox.

Consider trying out this soothing Detox Tea, which will help encourage good digestive health at the start of the day and assist your body with shedding toxins.

Tea over Coffee

It’s the most relaxing way to finish your 21-day morning detox routine so that you can start your day in a calm state of mind.

Detoxify Your Mornings with Healthy Habits

Mindfulness & Selfcare are Key to the Best Morning Routines

As you can see, you don’t have to make major life adjustments to begin a basic morning detox routine. Even little changes now can have a large impact on your health later in life.

Mindfulness & Selfcare are Key to the Best Morning Routines

Regardless of the improvements you make, as long as you keep making health and wellness habits a priority, you’ll be setting yourself up to own your mornings and rule your days – no matter what life throws at you.