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Dermatologist Recommended Skin Routine 30s

A regular type of skin care routine may not work well for people with serious or long-term skin conditions. Thankfully, we’ve got professional tips for you 

You May Be Getting Older, But You Don’t Have to Show It

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For many people as we near the end of our 30s, the signs of aging begin to show.

Hairlines slowly begin to creep backward. Joints that never used to ache are beginning to feel sore when we exercise. The first fine lines of wrinkles may even start to show as we near 40.

There are ways that we can combat these natural signs of aging, and if you’ve already been maintaining your skin through a daily routine, you’ll likely be starting to notice that your skin appears more vibrant than your friends that don’t maintain an AM skincare routine.

We’ve discussed a wide range of skincare routines you can try if you aren’t doing a daily regimen. Everything from a basic skincare routine to more complex systems like an Asian skincare routine can be found to fit your needs.

For those with more complex skin issues, these may not necessarily be effective solutions. But don’t worry – we’ve got some incredible dermatologist-recommended skincare routines for your 30s that you’ve got to try.

Before we get to our suggestions, let’s talk a bit about what a dermatologist-recommended skincare routine for the 30s is and some products you might want to try.


Skin Care Routine for the 30s

The difference between any standard skincare routine and one that’s recommended by a dermatologist is that the medical practitioner specializes in skin care.

By definition, this means they’re better suited to make recommendations about how you should treat your skin at various stages throughout your life.

You’ll want to treat your skin differently in your 30s than you will in your 50s. Taking these differences into consideration and following the recommendations of a dermatologist are surefire ways to get the best possible results from your skin care regimen.


Alternatives to Eye Cream

Rather than focusing on eye creams that you need to apply both in the morning and at night, you should consider picking up a pack of these under eye patches.

They’ll not only help reduce the signs of aging, but they’ll assist with removing dark circles and puffiness from beneath your eyes.


Steam Before You Start

Doesn’t it feel wonderful to go for a steam at the gym? Surprisingly, this is also great for our skin, because it opens up your pores to avoid clogging and the appearance of blackheads.

Now you don’t have to go out to get a good steam. Just pick up one of these NanoSteamer 3-in-1 Ionic Facial Steamer, and you can steam in the privacy of your own home for up to 30 minutes at a time.


A woman with the Dermatologist

One of the best ways to ensure you’ll stick with your dermatologist-recommended skincare routines for your 30s is to get motivated!

Achieving healthy skin care is definitely a goal worth working toward, but it’s not something that comes naturally to everyone. Some people have a hard time maintaining regular routines, because of the regular chaos of life.

Practicing mindfulness, positive self-talk, and rewarding yourself by sticking to new routines are just a few great ways that you can get motivated and stay positive.


1.) Talk to Your Doctor

You might be surprised by how difficult it can be to book an appointment with a registered dermatologist without the assistance of your doctor. Their services are in high demand.

Thankfully, you can simply schedule a chat with your doctor, and talk to them about the issues that you’re having with your skin, which you’d like to address with a specialist.

Not only may the doctor have suggestions of their own to start you on the right path, but they’ll be able to make the referrals you need to get any specialist appointments that may be necessary.


Just because you may not have seen a dermatologist yet, doesn’t mean that you can’t still get some recommendations from them.

When you’re buying products for your skin, look at more than just their costs and ingredients. Many companies will have labels stating that their products are ‘dermatologist recommended’, while others won’t.

We’d suggest sticking to the products that carry this seal of approval from skin care professionals.


3.) Focus on Exfoliating


Some dermatologists believe that exfoliating should be a priority for skin care during your 30s because it helps your skin to continue acting young – even as you age.

This involves using an exfoliator that contains either glycolic or lactic acid, which is designed to reduce pigmented cells, balance your skin tone, as well as help keep your skin smooth and clear of blemishes.

If you’re going to purchase exfoliators try to search for those ingredients so that you can get the best possible results.


4.) Use Vitamin C Serums

Dermatologist and Founder of SKIN FIVE Cosmetics, Dr. Ava Shamban believes that it’s important to include Vitamin C Serums as part of our morning skincare routines, to help preserve the elasticity and fullness of one’s skin.

Dr. Shamban also believes that protection is essential, in addition to repairing any existing damage that may have occurred in the past.

Using a Vitamin C Serum as part of the best skincare routine for the mornings will help protect your skin from external issues like pollution and UV exposure, as well as internally against damage from metabolism.


5.) Hydration is Key to Health

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With every skincare routine, there’s one consistent factor that you can count on: moisturizing is absolutely vital to maintaining healthy skin.

Our skin is our body’s largest organ, and just as it’s essential for us to drink water and remain hydrated for our internal organs to work at peak efficiency, the same can be said of our skin.

Moisturize at least once a day with a high-quality moisturizer, and you’ll start to notice a huge difference in the health, texture, and appearance of your skin.


Prevent the Signs of Aging Before They Start

We all have different skin, and they’re not all the same types. Talking to a dermatologist to get personalized recommendations for troublesome types of skin can be the fastest and most affordable way to find long-term solutions.

Make sure that you’re buying the right kinds of products, stick to your morning routines, and you’ll start to notice a difference in how your skin looks and feels.

Not only is this good for your physical health, but it can be very beneficial for our mental health as well since our skin has such a huge impact on our self-image.

Once you find a routine that works well for you and start to see the results, you’ll leave your home owning your mornings and ready to rule the days – no matter what life has in store for you.