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Why is a good face routine important

Finding the Best Face Routine for Your Mornings

If you’re trying to establish a good face routine as part of your morning regimen, we’ve got 11 steps you can use to develop the best face routine.

Own Your Mornings by Starting a Good Face Routine

Are you the kind of person that showers in the morning or at night? If you’re a nighttime shower routine type of person, and you don’t already have the best morning skincare routine, your skin could be suffering because of it.

The skin on your face is especially vulnerable to negative effects if you neglect to take care of it, since (apart from your hands), it’s the portion of skin that’s left most open and unshielded throughout the course of your day.

Keep your face hydrated

More than that, since the beginning of the pandemic wearing masks has become more prevalent across the world. Regardless of the type of mask you choose, it can get pretty hot underneath sometimes.

Unfortunately, all the moisture that builds up inside your mask from your breathing could begin to have negative consequences (i.e., mask, etc.), if you don’t set aside the time to treat and protect the skin on your face each day.

Our goal is to give you all the tools and education you need to make the best possible choices at the start of each day for your health and wellness so that you’ve got everything you need to own your mornings.

With that in mind, we’ve got some really useful tips to help you find the best face routine to start each morning. This way, the skin on your face will be protected, and you’ll be ready to face the day head-on!

Before we jump into our tips, let’s talk a bit about why maintaining a good face routine is important and some of the benefits that come with it.

Why is a Good Face Routine Important?

As we age, our skin can begin to lose its elasticity, as well as its moisture.

It’s no surprise that tobacco smokers are known for showing premature signs of aging. Not only are the chemicals in the cigarettes bad for them, but the smoke that’s constantly in and around their faces is terrible for their complexion.

Woman with healthy skin

Establishing a good face routinely for the start of your day is one way that with a few extra minutes, you can give your face a fighting chance against all the irritants and offenses it’s exposed to throughout an average day.

A good face routine is also the best method to fight things like premature aging. We can’t always help our genes, but we can take steps to help minimize our signs of aging by making the effort to take care of our skin.

The Benefits of a Good Face Routine

Take a moment to think about some of the negative irritants our skin may be exposed to in a day:

  • Perfumes & colognes
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Bugs & insects
  • Extreme hots or colds
  • Germs, viruses & bacteria
  • Prolonged UV exposure

In addition to all the ways we’ve already mentioned that a good face routine can help with reducing the signs of aging or protecting our skin against irritants, the best face routine will not only protect you for the day, but it can also be part of your morning self-care.

Believe it or not, there are actually a lot of great ways that the best face routines can assist with mental wellness, as well.

The Best Face Routines Need to be Done in the Right Order

For those who have never done a skincare routine before, you may not realize that there’s a very specific order in which you should perform the steps.

Women applying toner

This is because certain products are designed to be used consecutively so that the effects of each can function in tandem. Otherwise, you may accidentally undo some of the positive work you’ve done.

If you’re going to follow all of our steps or only a few of them, just be sure to do them in the order that we’ve suggested. This way, even a partial face routine will achieve the best possible results.

11 Steps to the Best Face Routine:

1.) Wash with Just Water or a Gentle Cleanser

Most of us sweat at least a little bit in our sleep, and while you may not wake up feeling sweaty, the dried sweat on your skin can cause issues with blocking your pores.

Woman washing face

Also, if you’re performing a nighttime skincare routine, you’ll want to be sure that you’re taking off any products that you put on your face before you go to sleep. Most of those products aren’t designed to be left on throughout the next day.

Then give your face a gentle wash with just some room temperature or warm water. You can use a gentle cleanser as well if you’d like. It’s not necessary, though.

If you’re going to perform Tip #3, we wouldn’t worry about a cleanser.

2.) Apply a Mud Mask

No, you don’t have to be at the spa to be able to take advantage of a soothing, relaxing mud mask each morning.

Clay Mud Mask

With this mineral-infused Dead Sea Mud Mask, you’ll be able to treat potential acne breakouts before they happen, or help minimize them when they do occur.

For people that have natural oils or greasy skin, taking the time to use this mud mask every morning is a great way to move excess oil in your skin from overnight, as well as remove dead skin cells before treating your skin for the day.

3.) Use a Sonic Face Scrubber

That may sound like something you’d hear in a sci-fi film, but the truth is that there are sonic facial cleansing brushes that you can buy to deep clean and exfoliate your skin, without the need for any kind of cleansers or topical exfoliators.

This will give you a much deeper clean on your face before you get into adding your protectors for the day.

Use a Face Scrubber

It’s also a great way to help make sure that your pores are clean, which can help reduce the frequency or intensity of acne breakouts.

4.) Use a Toner

Now that you’ve removed all excess oil, and skin cells, and cleaned your skin well before getting into the real treatment side of the best face routine, it’s time to start toning.

Just apply a few drops of your chosen toner to either a cotton ball or pad and gently use it to wipe across your entire face. Be careful not to press too hard, or you could irritate your skin.

Don’t use an exfoliating toner in the morning, since it shouldn’t be used with other exfoliators at the same time. Otherwise, it could potentially damage your skin. Save the exfoliating toners for a nighttime routine, instead.

5.) Apply a Serum

Serums with antioxidants are a good choice for mornings (as opposed to moisturizing serums for nighttime) since they help protect your skin throughout the day.

Make sure that you’re using a water-based serum because you’re going to be applying this before your moisturizer. Oil-based serums should always go on after moisturizer.

Apply a Serum

Otherwise, you could be locking the oil from the serum beneath your moisturizer, and if you’re someone who has oily or greasy skin, this could make existing skin issues more challenging.

6.) Consider Getting Eye Cream

You don’t necessarily have to go out of your way to get a specialized eye cream moisturizer for your face, but we think that it’s definitely worth the extra effort and investment.

The skin around and under our eyes could use a little extra love, especially for people that have very visible dark bags. These creams are designed specifically to lessen those dark circles, as well as help, protect the sensitive skin on that area of our faces.

Applying eye cream

If you do decide to get an eye cream, make sure that you’re applying it now, before your regular moisturizer.

7.) Apply Spot Treatments

If you’re in the middle of a current acne breakout, spot treatments are an essential part of the best face routine.

Not only can spot treatments help reduce the swelling and pain of acne flare-ups, but it can help get rid of pimples exponentially faster than waiting for them to go away on their own.

Just be mindful of the treatments you use for acne, because some chemicals may irritate when combined with other parts of a good face routine. Talk to your doctor about any potential issues, if you think there could be a problem or if you’re using a prescription acne treatment.

8.) Time to Moisturize

Moisturizer is one of the most important parts of the best face routine because it not only hydrates the skin on your face, but it locks in the other layers of protection that you’ve just added.

 Time to Moisturize

Gently massage in the moisturizer with an applicator (or well-washed hands), and don’t use too much, or your skin could end up feeling greasy or sticky.

Consider finding a thinner moisturizer for the mornings, and use denser or thicker lotions in your evening skincare routine.

9.) Consider Using Retinoids

Retinoids are another name for Vitamin A derivative products (i.e., retinol), which can assist with the health of your skin.

These topicals can help reduce acne breakouts, reduce dark spotting on the skin, as well as reduce the fine lines caused by aging.

Just be careful, because these products can sometimes be irritating to certain types of skin. If you’re going to try these, be sure to use them very sparingly, especially if you have sensitive skin.

10.) Time for Face Oils

There’s not much to say about this step, other than this would be the point in your best morning face routine that you would want to apply any face oils.

To be safe, make sure you’re checking to ensure that the oils won’t work negatively with any of the other products you’ve used earlier in your skincare routine.

11.) Broad-Spectrum SPF Anything

The last step in creating the best face routine for your mornings is to ensure that you’re applying sunscreen if you’re going to be spending any extended time outside during the day.

Broad-Spectrum SPF Anything

Even if you’re just spending an hour or so in the car on the way to work, you may not realize how much sun exposure you’re getting inside your vehicle.

Be sure to apply even a low SPF, broad-spectrum sunscreen, so that sun exposure doesn’t undo all your other efforts to protect your skin for the day.

Start Your Mornings with a Healthy Glow

Protect Your Skin & Your Smile with Our Useful Tips

Begin every day with health and wellness in mind – it’s a mantra we could all use in our lives. Whether that means building a healthier breakfast routine or trying a 21-day detox routine, you have to be committed to getting up and following through on these new habits every day.

As long as you start to consider these changes part of your morning self-care, it’s much easier to stop seeing the extra effort as work. Instead, embrace these changes as an investment in yourself.

When you can shift your mindset to this positive mentality, you’ll have a much easier time enjoying and executing things like the best face routine.

Through these types of health and wellness-focused habits, you’ll have all the tools you need to own your mornings and rule your days – no matter what life has in store for you.