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What is a morning cleansing ritual

Creating the Best Morning Cleansing Ritual

Put your mind and spirit at peace at the start of the day by including a cleansing ritual with the rest of your other healthy morning routines.

Own Your Morning by Cleansing Your Body & Mind

The things that we do for ourselves in the morning have a ripple effect on the rest of our daily lives.

When we take care of ourselves first thing in the morning, we set ourselves up for success and it prepares us to meet challenges head-on. When we don’t take care of ourselves in the morning, it can lead to stress, frustration, and premature exhaustion by midday.

The best morning cleansing ritual

We want to help you own your mornings, by planning better morning regimens like trying a 21-day detox routine or starting a morning skincare routine.

One method you can use to mentally prepare yourself for the day is a cleansing ritual in the morning, alongside the other healthy choices that you’re already making.

What’s a cleansing ritual, you ask? Let’s talk about it.

What is a Morning Cleansing Ritual?

Unlike routines, cleansing rituals have a more inherent spiritual significance, and apply to the ways that they assist not our physical health, but specifically our mental health as well.

In essence, a cleansing ritual focuses on removing negative energies from your body and your personal space as you prepare to start your days.

Like many other forms of morning routines, this can look very different from one person to another, but that doesn’t mean anyone’s cleansing ritual is more effective than another.

The key is to find cleansing rituals that function well with the rest of your morning regimens so that you can create the best possible holistic morning routine for your physical and mental health.

What are the Benefits of a Morning Cleansing Ritual?

There are plenty of psychological benefits to establishing healthy routines, including better sleep at night, more energy during the day, reduced stress levels, and increased happiness.

The same kind of benefits can be achieved through your morning cleansing ritual since you’ll be taking the time for mindfulness and self-care, which is extremely important in the morning to set a tone of positivity and patience for the rest of your day.

What are the Benefits of a Morning Cleansing Ritual?

When you have the right kind of mindset heading into the day, the kinds of obstacles that we all face regularly start to have less of a negative impact on our wellbeing. Traffic doesn’t seem as frustrating. Challenges at work leave us feeling less stressed.

In short, a cleansing ritual can have a huge positive impact on the entire rest of your day.

How to Plan for a Morning Cleansing Ritual

One of the most important things to plan for if you’re looking to start doing a morning cleansing ritual is that you actually plan to give yourself enough time to complete all the things that you want to do each morning.

Getting ready to start the day looks a little different for each person, but one common issue that we all seem to face occasionally is not having enough time for ourselves before we have to start work.

New routines don’t just appear in our lives, we have to plan for them (i.e., purchasing items we need, blocking time, etc.). Otherwise, there’s a good chance we won’t be able to stick with those routines, and they can quickly become overlooked or forgotten.

If you really want to plan to start including a morning cleansing ritual, we’d suggest getting up earlier in the morning and creating a morning timeline to follow, so that you can ensure you’re still performing all the other routines you’ve created for yourself each morning.

Things to Keep in Mind for Your Morning Cleansing Ritual

There are ways that you can make starting new routines easier for yourself, other than simply trying to muster up the willpower to go through your morning regimens each day.

Consider setting alarms for yourself, so that you can identify times when you’re supposed to be switching from one task to another.

It’s great to give ourselves time to wake up and relax at the start of the day, but if you spend too much time sitting around, you’ll cut out the opportunity to perform some of your morning routines.

We’d even go so far as to suggest setting two alarms each time that you’re supposed to switch tasks. One as a 3–5-minute warning, and another to remind you it’s time you should be starting something else.

This way, you won’t feel the need to rush from one task to another, and can gradually, comfortably shift between focuses, without feeling like you’re hurrying.

Feeling panicked or rushed is a great way to take away from the other positive choices you’re making for your mental health, through things like your morning cleansing ritual.

5 Tips for Starting a New Cleansing Ritual

1.) Catalog Your Dreams

Dreams can tell us a lot about what’s going on in our subconscious, and in many cases, our dreams can actually have hidden meanings.

Take a few minutes at the start of the day to catalog the dreams that you remember from your sleep before they disappear back into the fog at the back of your mind.

Catalog Your Dreams

We’d recommend keeping a journal or diary next to your bed so that you can jot down thoughts about your dreams as soon as you wake up. Dreams are known for fading quickly after you awake, so it’s a good idea to try and get as much down as quickly as you can.

Once you’ve done this for a while, you may start to notice trends in your dreams that you’ve never considered, and it could even give you some insights into what’s going on in your subconscious mind.

Best of all, putting these thoughts on paper can be a great way to rid ourselves of negative thoughts. Writing them down makes them tangible, which gives our brains a chance to process the information more actively than we can while we’re dreaming.

In some cases, this may even help you confront things like stressors or points of anxiety in your life that you’ve been subconsciously avoiding. Once you confront them, your mind can begin to process them more healthily.

2.) Take Time to Meditate

Meditation is a fantastic addition to any morning routine, so if you’re trying to institute a morning cleansing ritual, we’d strongly suggest including even a small amount of meditation time.

Focusing on your breathing and emptying your mind of thoughts (like the stressors that you’re about to face in the coming day), can allow you to center your mind and reduce stress/anxiety as you head into the day.

Take Time to Meditate

Whether you’re meditating alone, or you’re considering using some form of guided meditation, we’d encourage you to make time for this type of mindfulness in the morning.

If you find it hard to calm your mind enough to get any meditation done in a short period, consider picking up a pack of these meditation incense sticks, which will help you relax and soothe your mind enough to quickly put you in the right headspace.

3.) Eat a Well-Balanced, Peaceful Breakfast

Creating a good breakfast routine is something that we all should spend time doing, but you may not realize that it’s an essential part of a strong morning cleansing ritual.

This recommendation is actually two-fold. First, you need to ensure that your breakfast is well-balanced and nutritious so that you’re giving your body everything it needs to efficiently fuel you for the day.

 Eat a Well-Balanced, Peaceful Breakfast

Secondly, and this is extremely important, you need to ensure that you’re giving yourself enough time to eat your food at a comfortable pace.

Making a healthy meal and then gorging ourselves because we’re short on time, isn’t a good way to start the day. You could end up feeling nauseous or give yourself heartburn on your way to work.

Take it slow. Enjoy the food you’ve worked hard to prepare. Do something for yourself like listen to music or read the news while you eat. Decompress. The day is only just starting.

4.) Try Smudging

Smudging is a process through which we can change the energy of a person or a space in which we’re staying. It involves burning a special kind of wood called Palo Santo, from a tree that’s native to South America.

All you have to do is light one end of the stick with a candle or match, and then let it burn for about a minute before you blow out the flame.

 Try Smudging

The rich smell of the burning wood helps to remove negative energy from everything around it, including you. Breathe deeply and try to clear your mind of negativity.

Visualize yourself taking on the challenges of the day and coming out victorious. With this as part of your cleansing ritual, you’ll be one step closer to making that vision a reality.

5.) Do Something Creative

This may sound simple, but how often do you actually take time to let your imagination run wild before you get started on work for the day?

Many people have strong creative energy at the beginning of the day but never set aside enough time to take advantage of it. Releasing or embracing that energy is a great way to put you in a positive, inspired mood to face the day ahead.

Do Something Creative

Paint. Write. Draw. Sing. Any of these creative options would be a wonderful addition to the end of your morning cleansing ritual. And best of all, you’ll be adding something you’re already passionate about to your morning routine.

Find a Cleansing Ritual That Suits You

Any Positive Changes to Your Mornings Are a Step in the Right Direction

As you can see, these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cleansing ritual ideas.

The most important thing to remember is that your morning cleansing ritual should be catered to your personal tastes and preferences, because the more you enjoy it, the more of a positive impact it will have on your mental health throughout the day.

With mindfulness and good mental health as a focus at the start of each day, you’ll be on the way to owning your mornings and ruling your days – no matter what life might throw at you.