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Morning Motivation

25 Healthy Morning Habits to Improve Your Day

Discover 25 Healthy morning habits that are simple and effective practices to improve your mornings. Read on to learn more. 

25 Healthy Morning Habits

First impressions make a big difference, and the way you begin each new day is no exception. Each morning, you can start with simple and effective healthy habits to kick off your day on the right foot. By making healthy morning habits, and sticking to a routine, you can get more done in a day, increase your happiness, and reduce stress levels.  

How to stay consistent with healthy morning habits

Mornings tend to be a stressful time – whether it’s just you, the kids, other family members, roommates, or pets – everyone has to get ready for the day. By the time you get out of bed, make breakfast, and get ready for the day – mornings can already feel busy without incorporating new morning habits.  

But with a morning routine and healthy morning habits that are right for you, you’ll be better able to handle your morning responsibilities and be better prepared for a positive day.  

How to choose healthy morning habits that are right for you


Finding the habits that are right for you takes a little work and patience. There are so many ways to work healthy morning habits into your routine, but if they’re not activities you enjoy, they’ll never become a regular habit.  


Work a few of the following healthy morning habits into your routine and see which ones feel good and help better prepare you for the day ahead.  


25 Healthy Morning Habits for Success

1. Set yourself up for success the night before  

Mornings tend to feel rushed, so it can be overwhelming to consider putting time aside for new healthy morning habits. So give yourself a head start the night before to leave yourself some time for a new morning habit – pick out your outfit for the next day and/or make breakfast ahead of time and you’ll feel empowered to make time for new healthy morning habits when you wake up. 

2. Set an earlier alarm 

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Give yourself some extra time in the morning, and thank yourself later. By setting your alarm 10, 20, or 30 minutes earlier you’ll get a head start on the day and give yourself some time to start incorporating healthy morning habits.  

3. Don’t hit snooze 

While we’re all familiar with that early morning urge to hit snooze and soak up those extra minutes of sleep, the truth is those fleeting moments of extra shuteye might actually be making you feel foggy and more tired. Regularly hitting snooze can mix up your body’s internal clock, robbing you of sleep in the long term which could cause other potential health problems.

4. Let the day shine while you rise  

a woman standing in the front of fruits and juice

Let that sunlight in! Our body’s internal clock responds to light and dark signals. Leaving the window shades open even just a sliver in the morning will let the natural light in and help wake you up. Similarly, light exposure in the evening keeps you awake – so be conscious of light to best set yourself up for a good morning and start your day.  

5. Breathe  

Don’t skip those first few moments of being awake to start a healthy habit. Once your alarm sounds, take a few moments and a few deep breaths to settle into your body for the day. Taking deep breaths can help lower blood pressure, and increase feelings of calm you can carry with you throughout the day. 

6. Take a mindful moment 

Practicing mindfulness can help increase your well-being. There are lots of apps to try for guided morning meditations to help start your day on the right path. Try a few until you find the ones that work for you and work them into your healthy morning habits.  

7. Set your intentions  

Before your feet even hit the ground, you can set your intentions for the day. Taking a few moments to take stock of the day, and set your goals and direction for the day can give you higher levels of motivation. Improving your focus in the morning can improve the rest of your day. 

8. Start the day with a fresh face  

Starting every day with a glow can make you feel more confident throughout the day. And finding the best morning skincare routine for you can help you look radiant, and wake you up first thing in the morning. Taking a few extra moments of self-care in the morning will help you in looking good and feel great throughout the day.  

9. Get hydrated  

woman drinking a water

Try swapping that first cup of coffee in the morning for a hydrating glass of water and you’ll soon start to feel the benefits. Staying hydrated helps regulate body temperature, maintain clear skin and improve your mood and focus throughout the day, and you can even add an extra boost of hydration to your water to feel your best with this electrolyte powder. [link to affiliate electrolyte powder].  

10. Stretch

After a night of rest, your body craves movement. Wake your body up with stretches in the morning and feel better throughout the day. Stretching makes you feel more alert by increasing blood flow to your muscles and decreasing your risk of injury throughout the day. 

11. Eat a healthy breakfast 

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s your chance to start a healthy morning habit. Give your body the energy it needs to own your morning and set yourself up to make better food choices from morning to night by building your perfect breakfast routine. 

12. Get outside 

man and a dog walking outside

Skip checking the weather app in the morning and get outside. A walk around the block or a walk with your four-legged family members can leave you feeling energized in the morning before your first cup of coffee. 

13. Make time to exercise 

Getting your workout in first thing in the morning can leave you feeling better and more energized throughout the day. A bonus: exercising in the morning leaves you more time in the evening to unwind at the end of the day.  

14. Journal  

Journaling in the morning can help organize your thoughts and give you peace of mind before your day begins. Even just taking ten minutes to focus on what’s important and how you’re feeling helps you check in on yourself and kickstart your productivity for the day. New to journaling? Try this 16-week guided journal to get started. 

15. Make your bed  

Start your day off with a sense of accomplishment by making your bed. This simple task and healthy morning habit helps start your day with a sense of calm and relaxation and makes your space feel more organized.  

16. Read a book/listen to a podcast 

When the noise of the day starts, it can be difficult to find time for yourself to learn something new or enjoy a book. Make time to feed your curiosity in the morning and help improve your concentration by slowing down and exercising your mind.  

17. Make a list of things to be done  

man and a woman drinking coffee in the front of laptop

Waking up in the morning and setting out your goals and tasks for the day helps keep you accountable and plan to accomplish everything on your list.  

18. Check a few chores off your list  

There’s nothing like the feeling of checking an item off your to-do list and when it’s one of the first things you do in the morning, the feeling of accomplishment can carry through the day. And once you’ve accomplished one task, it’s easier to get the ball rolling and motivate yourself to do more.   

19. Listen to your favorite music  

Do you know that feeling when a song comes on that can change your whole mood? Be proactive in setting the mood for the day. Playlists with your favorite music, or playlists that set a specific mood can help boost your attitude and productivity in the morning.  

20. Catch up with loved ones 

Set a morning coffee date, walk with your best friend, or text your family members good morning to check in – this simple healthy morning habit will kick start conversations for the day to help deepen your relationships and increase your sense of community and connection.  

21. Practice a new skill  

Set time for yourself to learn something new. Find a tutorial video online and make time in the morning to start practicing something you’ve always wanted to learn. A new language? The guitar? The possibilities are endless!  

22. Do something you love   

man and woman talking to their child

Once the day begins, every minute can feel scheduled. Taking time in the morning to do something you love and bring yourself joy can energize you for the day ahead.   

23. Keep your eyes off your phone  

Our smartphones can be distracting. Unplug for a few moments every morning and check in with yourself and those around you to start the day off mindfully.  

24. Use an existing habit to help build a new one 

a lady drinking fruit jiuce

Finding it difficult to work a new healthy morning habit into your routine? Try incorporating a new activity while you’re practicing an existing habit. Try a few squats while you’re brushing your teeth, or listen to meditation while you’re taking a shower. It can be easier to start new habits when you pair them with ones you already have. 

25. Repeat  

The best way to work on a new healthy habit is through repetition. With enough practice and commitment, these healthy habits will soon be second nature, and you’ll own your morning in no time!