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Why is morning coffee routine so important

Create the Perfect Starbucks Brewed Coffee Routine

Shake up your morning coffee regimen by switching to a Starbucks brewed coffee routine, and you can start making the most of your morning self care time.

Own Your Mornings with the Best Coffee Routine

Are you a fan of coffee as part of your breakfast routine? Do you have a detox routine that you use to keep your body healthy and detoxified each day?

Shake up your morning coffee regimen

You’re in luck because we’ve got a suggestion to shake up your morning coffee regimen by switching to a Starbucks brewed coffee routine. You might even find that it revitalizes your love for your morning cup of joe.

Why is a Morning Coffee Routine So Important?

In addition to the potential physical health benefits that you could gain from having a morning coffee routine, it’s actually beneficial for your mental health as well.

It’s true – some studies are even showing up to an 8% lower risk of depression in people who regularly consume coffee as part of their daily routines.

Starbucks brewed coffee routine

More than even these benefits, instituting a regular morning coffee routine is a wonderful form of self-care that you can do for yourself since it forces you to sit down and take a few minutes to reflect before diving into your activities for the day.

What is Starbucks Brewed Coffee?

This may sound a bit redundant, but Starbucks brewed coffee is what you get when you make coffee at home, using beans that you purchased from Starbucks.

This doesn’t mean that it has to be hot coffee, either. If cold or iced coffee is what you want, Starbucks brewed coffee can be made that way too.

Why is Starbucks Brewed Coffee So Special?

Apart from the fact that Starbucks stores have completely changed the way that we think about the mature coffee experience, Starbucks coffee is actually treated differently than many other mainstream brands.

Morning coffee routine tips

Starbucks is infamous for roasting its beans longer (and thus darker) than most other chains. They claim this is because it allows them to maintain better consistency of flavor between different batches of beans. They also don’t require hands to grind or tamp the beans during the brewing process in-store.

However, many fans of the brand will attest that this process helps bring out the fullest flavor in the drink, which leads to a richer, more enjoyable cup of coffee.

Building Your Perfect Starbucks Brewed Coffee Routine in 5 Steps:

1.) Grind Your Own Beans

You may not realize it if you’re using a pod machine coffee maker, or if you’re buying pre-ground coffee in containers, but you’re actually losing out on a lot of the flavor that your coffee has to offer.

Grind Your Own Beans

Especially if you’re someone who enjoys rich, full-flavored, or dark roasted coffee, grinding your own beans can dramatically improve both the taste and aroma of your brewed beverage.

Yes, you’ll have to purchase a coffee grinder and spend a few extra minutes on your Starbucks brewed coffee routine each morning, but it will definitely be worth it when you taste the difference it makes.

2.) Use a Coffee Drip Brewer

Taking your Starbucks brewed coffee routine to the next level could mean getting rid of your old coffee maker and investing in something different.

Use a Coffee Drip Brewer

Consider trying out this wonderful 40oz gooseneck kettle coffee dripper, which will force you to slow down a bit and really savor your morning coffee routine, instead of rushing through so that you can get back to other things.

3.) Measure Your Ground Coffee Before You Start Brewing

You may not realize it, but the amount of grounds that you put into your coffee maker does more than determine the proper brewing volume, it also has an impact on the taste.

Measure Your Ground Coffee Before You Start Brewing

Too few grounds in your brew, and your coffee will end up tasting flat and flavorless. Too much and the coffee could become overpowering in flavor and syrupy in texture.

Take the time to research what the best number of beans to use for your specific brewer. A little bit of effort will have a huge impact on the final product.

4.) Keep Your Coffee Hot for Maximum Satisfaction

If you’re someone that prefers to drink your coffee hot, it can become really frustrating when you go to take your first sip of a freshly brewed cup, only to realize that you let it sit too long, and now it’s started to get cold.

Keep Your Coffee Hot

Don’t just suffer through drinking tepid coffee, and don’t settle for a lesser Starbucks brewed coffee routine. Pick up a desktop coffee warmer and mug set, which you can use to keep your drink at optimal drinking temperature for as long as you need to.

No more rushing your last few sips just to drink them hot. Now, you’ll be able to savor your morning coffee routine for as long as you’d like.

5.) Try Cold Brew to Keep Things Interesting

Sometimes you’ve got to shake up your morning coffee routine a bit to keep it interesting and exciting.

This could mean trying flavored creamers, different sweeteners, or if you’re like us in the summer, cold-brewed coffee is a fantastic option to get your caffeine in a cool, refreshing beverage.

Try Cold Brew to Keep Things Interesting

If Starbucks brewed coffee is what you’re using, you can take comfort in the fact that cold-brewed coffee can be made up to 24 hours ahead of time!

This way, if your mornings are already pretty rushed, you can make your Starbucks cold-brewed coffee the afternoon or evening before, and it will still be fresh and delicious for you when you drink it in the morning.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Self Care

Start Every Morning Right with a Starbucks Brewed Coffee Routine

There are tons of ways that you can improve your morning coffee routine [link out to the ‘Morning Coffee Routine’ blog], but as you can see, Starbucks beans are a fantastic place to start.

Start Every Morning Right with a Starbucks Brewed Coffee Routine

Giving yourself a bit of downtime before the day gets started, allows your body to slowly work into the day. It lets you spend some time thinking about all the tasks you’re hoping to accomplish, and evaluate your schedule.

More than that, it gives you the chance to take a breath and focus on your mental wellness. Being busy shouldn’t mean being unhappy. Sometimes a bit of self-care time in the morning can make all the difference to our moods, and by association, the enjoyment we get out of each day.

When you make yourself a priority, instead of just losing yourself in work from the moment you wake up, you’ll give yourself the support you need to own your mornings and rule your days – no matter what life has in store for you.